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Revol, the porcelain for professional chefs

Revol is a French family-run company providing you with a unique expertise since 1768 in manufacturing culinary porcelain. Revol is a brand known and used worldwide by independent chefs, restaurant chains or hotel groups. With a presence in 84 countries, the Revol team has established a network of over 300 distributor partners throughout the world and exhibits in more than 12 trade fairs annually.

Spotlight on Belle Cuisine

The Belle Cuisine range from Revol Porcelaine offers a wide range of bakeware designed to be used from the kitchen to the table, the buffet or room service. These dishes maintain their temperature for a long time when taken out of the oven or the freezer. The ultra-resistant mono-block handles belong to the same mould as the piece, ensuring excellent grip and resistance to thermal shocks in the kitchen. Available in white or black cast iron effect finishes, each piece is hand finished to the highest quality.
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