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Linda Lewis Kitchens

Linda Lewis Kitchens are known as the pizza equipment specialists. As the importers of the renowned brand Cuppone, they have everything needed to create perfect pizza.

Based in Treviso, Italy Cuppone are one of the oldest and most renowned names in the market today, they have been designing and manufacturing pizza equipment for more than half a century. Taking advantage of today’s most up-to-date technology, they have pioneered a range of equipment that allows customers to easily perfect the art of pizza making. The ever expanding Cuppone range is stunningly stylish and are ideal for front of house positions for diners to see and enjoy.

Spotlight On Cuppone Paulo Deck Oven

Customers love the simplicity of the Paolo oven which has the ability to increase or decrease the power to the elements during quiet or busy period, thus making it a great energy saving oven! It also only takes 30 minutes to heat up, ideal for any kitchen!

The Paolo is ideal for gastro-pubs, busy takeaways and small restaurants, plus it is perfect for chains as it is extremely reliable, easy to use and robust. It can be placed either in the kitchen or front of house and has the optional extra of an extraction hood which has a powerful motor which can be ducted into existing extraction or vented directly out of the building.

Cuppone Paolo Oven