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  • Chef Douglas McMaster of Brighton’s zero waste restaurant, SILO, uses Unox green energy ovens.

    SILO – a pre-industrial food system – is a restaurant, bakery, brewery and cafe in Brighton. Head Chef Douglas McMaster aims to provide quality foods through the purity of ingredients and a primitive diet-centred approach using both modern and ancient techniques.

    The idea for SILO came from the desire to innovate the food industry by showing respect for the environment, the way foods are produced and the nourishment given to the human body.

    Chef Douglas describes the concept:
    “At SILO we believe in the purity of the ingredients and trusting in natural cultivation systems to determine what and how to cook. We have a large network of ethical farmers, growers, waste management companies, tea traders, chocolate makers and coffee makers, and we work as a group to avoid creating any waste. On our journey to zero waste, we have discovered a system of primitive food production which supports a healthy lifestyle and eliminates packaging, and has also helped us understand how we prepare food using all of the ingredient. We grind our own flour, use unpasteurised milk and produce our own butter and cheese, so basically we aim to create excellent dishes with as little environmental impact as possible ”

    Douglas originally became a chef because of his love of the kitchen environment, which began in his childhood. After leaving school, Douglas started working in a hotel restaurant in a small English town, and for 12 years he worked in professional kitchens.

    Douglas is passionate about caring for the environment and as Unox ovens are produced using solar energy they were an obvious choice. Douglas finds the accurate and quick steam injection and uniform baking especially useful for making SILO’s excellent bread. With two ChefTop XVC305EP ovens, Douglas makes the most of the ingredients at his disposal to offer high quality baked products. The reduction in energy costs financially as well as environmentally is a great benefit to SILO.


  • London Italian café Festa Sul Prato owner Martin Hoenle talks about Precision Refrigeration

    Martin Hoenle is the owner of Festa Sul Prato, a cafe/ restaurant in Folkestone Gardens, South East London.”Festa sul prato” means “feast in a meadow”. Martin discusses the benefits Precision Refrigeration has brought to the restaurant and its unique space.

    The kitchen installation at Festa sul Prato was carried out by Catering Equipment Solutions.

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  • Brad Carter of Michelin star restaurant Carters of Moseley talks about Induced Energy

    Chef / Proprietor Brad Carter of Carters, Moseley, who installed 2 x CS3000QT induction hobs in his restaurant 2 years ago say:

    “The units are very efficient, easy to use, great ease of cleaning and high performance, a great finished product.

    Whatever else I ever do I would always put Induced Energy hobs in. The day to day usage is amazing, the running costs are much better than my friends who use gas. Carters is Fine Dining, one unit runs all day every day 5 days per week with stock pots at night, and although there were problems in the beginning which may have been the electrical supply and were frustrating at the time, it was the way Induced Energy dealt with it and the service provided which impressed me, and now I’ve used them for over 2 years I would definitely put them in another site, say if I buy a pub. When people come and look round the kitchen the first thing they notice is the hobs.

    Precision control is the biggest thing for me, if we’re making custard, we know that if we set the control to 32 and stir every 2 minutes, it takes 12 minutes to cook.”


  • UNOX and Black Star Pastry

    In 2008 Christopher Thé opened his own boutique patisserie Black Star Pastry, located in Sydney, which has flourished and garnered critical praise locally and internationally. Black Star Pastry is about real food. It works the old fashioned way, handmade with love and integrity, striving to capture the beauty contained in nature and bring it to its clients with as little tinkering as possible. Having a strong background in gastronomy and technique, the rebellious creativity of the chefs allows them to break rules and see things in a way others don’t. Through simplification and focus on the marriage of flavours, Black Star Pastry is forever striving to evoke that perfect moment, when you taste something so good your brain freezes and time stands still. Black Star Pastry is the home for deliciousness and is the place to go in Sydney – it’s fun, it’s family friendly and it’s never boring.
    All of the dishes are special. The patisserie sources their own produce from market in order to get only the best quality which is in tune with the seasons. Black Star does not use flavourings, dyes or anything unnatural in their food. The purpose is to taste immediacy, freshness and life. Black Star has become famous for its Strawberry Watermelon Cake, the most photographed cake of Australia, if not the world. The patisserie also caters to vegans – another unique speciality is the Vegan Chocolate Popcorn Cake. A dense but soft and fudgy chocolate cake, glazed with cocoa syrup and then decorated with caramelized salted popcorn and freeze-dried raspberries. Black Star also prepares multi-tier cakes for larger events such as weddings, christenings and office parties.
    THE CHEF. Chris Thé.
    Born in 1972 in Haberfield, Chris Thé has lived in Sydney all his life. To pay his way through university, Chris worked as a kitchen hand and even as he was completing his degree in psychology at Sydney University he knew his path lay in cooking and worked his way up to become pastry chef at Bel Mondo, Claude’s and also Quay Restaurant. Chris is driven by a taste-up philosophy of food design, rather than appearance, and this can be experienced in every piece of deliciousness he creates. But he does not stop there. In fact Chris and the Black Star team aim to promote the values of community, art and a deep philosophy of life.
    • Best Pie in Australia – Food Service Magazine 2013
    • Best Sweet Spot- SMH Good Food under $30 Awards 2013
    • Inner West Business Awards 2013/ 2012- Most Outstanding Bakery/ Café Shop
    • Best patisserie café – SMH Good Café Guide 2011
    • No 1. Meat Pie – SMH Sydney Magazine July 2011
    • No 1. Patisserie – Time Out Magazine 2011
    • Best Cheap Eat – Time Out Magazine 2010
    • Australian Small Business Champions – Bakery/ Cake Store

  • Baselite lights the way for London restaurant and coffee bar

    World class law firm, Simmons & Simmons, located in the iconic City Point Building in 1 Ropemaker Street, London, EC2, has updated its look with Baselite FW500 copper heat lamps.

    The major  refurb project, managed by CEBA, included new servery and coffee counters.

    The Baselite copper heat lamps provide a flexible as well as eye catching solution, as the retractable cords mean can be raised and lowered easily and safely as required.

    More about Baselite 

  • University of Oxford college reaps the benefits of Induced Energy induction hobs

    “Ten years ago we at Harris Manchester College fitted induction hobs in our kitchens, which proved to be a most worthwhile decision.

    The hobs have been efficient, robust and have met our need splendidly.  They also overcame the problem of the kitchen overheating in the summer and saved us having to extend the kitchen and fit air conditioning systems.  This resulted in a much more pleasant and safer working atmosphere for catering staff.

    I also believe that the savings on power enabled us to recuperate the cost of the hobs within a 5 year period.
    I cannot speak too highly of Induced Energy’s induction hobs; they have served the college well over the past decade.  Indeed, we are so pleased with them that the college is installing more induction hobs in a 16th century building we are restoring.  I enthusiastically commend their use to other institutions and individuals.”

    Rev. Dr. Ralph Waller Principal, Harris  Manchester College University of Oxford

  • Popular beach restaurant pleased with the impact new Precision refrigeration is having

    The Hut is a popular restaurant situated in Colwell Bay, on the northwest coast of the Isle of Wight. Since opening five years ago it has established a reputation for the quality of its menu. “Our philosophy has always been to use local produce as much as possible,” owner George Adams explains. “The quality of the seafood we use is very important, so we need to be able to keep it in perfect condition until it’s ready to be used.”

    The Hut recently completed a major refurbishment to improve both the dining area and provide an upgrade to the kitchen. George brought in catering design firm Little Duffy to oversee the project, and he was quite clear about the standard he expected. “It was quite a simple brief, really. We wanted the best of everything!

    With that in mind, choosing the refrigeration equipment was simple. “We’ve used Precision in the past, and knowing how reliable they are there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that we should continue to use them,” says George.

    Andy Norfolk of Little Duffy worked closely with Kandie Harrison of Precision to select and agree on the equipment required, which would include a number of bespoke and customised units.

    Precision equipment plays a key role in The Hut’s kitchen, with a selection of cabinets, counters and underbroilers. Separate MPT601 cabinets are used for storing meat and fish, and a selection of counters from the MCU line provide staff with easy access to regularly used ingredients. These units can be fitted with doors or drawers depending on requirements, and The Hut has both versions.

    “We don’t have massive amounts of space for our kitchen,” says George. “But Little Duffy had lots of great ideas to help us make the most of it. I was particularly impressed with Precision’s wall-mounted cabinets.” Precision’s HWU wall-mounted cabinets are available in one, two and three door variants, and allow enormous flexibility when designing kitchens with limited space.

    It’s not just behind the scenes that Precision equipment is used. The front-of-house bar uses Precision’s eye-catching Retro Refrigeration cabinets. Inspired by the 1950s, its large handles and heavy-duty hinges create a strong visual impression, while the vintage look conceals the same advanced technology as the rest of Precision’s equipment. “When I saw the Retro Refrigeration cabinets, I knew they would be perfect for us,” explains George. “They match our style exactly!”

    Indeed, they can match any style very closely, as Precision can paint them to match any RAL number supplied by the customer. “We get a lot of compliments about the fridges from our customers, asking where they can get them,” says George. “Everybody loves them!”

    Other customisation options include glass doors, which can be either plain or reeded to accentuate the retro aesthetic.

    The Hut’s front-of-house equipment also includes three of Precision’s GFS600 glass frosters, which like the Retro cabinets have been painted to match the rest of the decor. “On a hot summer’s day nothing beats an ice cold glass of drink, the glass frosters are tremendous. We’ve had plenty of great feedback from our customers about that, too!”

    While the equipment’s looks are important, just as important for George is the energy efficiency. “Obviously keeping our running costs as low as possible is important to us, after all the refrigeration will be running 24/7, so every little bit helps!”

    Just as The Hut’s menu uses local produce whenever possible, George is also thrilled to be supporting a British manufacturer. “The refrigeration is marvellously designed, works brilliantly and helps save money – what more could you ask for?”

  • CED equips British Car Auction’s restaurant at new Perry Barr site

    With 31.7 million cars on UK roads last year, car retailing shows no sign of a Brexit hand brake. Prosperous times indeed for this particular national chain of car sales centres. So much so the latest addition to BCA’s chain of 24 sites launched recently, in the Perry Barr area of Birmingham.
    A large part of the visitor incentive here is formed around on-site catering – a customer must for many who make long journeys in search of that elusive motor.


    Blending effortlessly within the restaurant’s candy stripe colour blocks of lime, tangerine and matt white, another classic CED servery makes itself at home – a high octane refuelling station undertaken for one of the UK’s most prolific kitchen consultants.


    Supported by back of house kitchens and hot holding hatch, the extensive hot meal & salads counter steers customers past an appetizing array of heated and chilled menu presentation, held within assisted service heated bain-maries and chilled delis – selected during design resolution – from CED’s curved profile range of Designline drop in displays.


    The extended solid surface ‘lava rock’ colour worktop with steel ‘inset’ tray slide runners, provides a continuous tray rest point for the thirsty, where self-help coffee stations, fruit or impulse goods can be picked prior to till point payment.


    Running parallel to the hot meal & salads offer, a matching self-service grab and go counter is home to two of CED’s popular open fronted Designline chilled hydrocarbon multi-decks. Ideal for the display of impulse goods, soft drinks, rolls and yoghurts, these digitally controlled displays feature three tiers of adjustable toughened glass shelving, product stops and 40mm pricing strip locations at each shelf edge. The well area allows for further heavier cold drinks storage.


    The grab and go servery area terminates with filtered coffee stations, counter top impulse displays and worktop cut out for operator till station.


    The customer service space is discreetly separated from the themed dining, using open rear horizontal timber partition work. Here CED’s satellite condiment and napkin dispensing stations are sited, finished in simple white matt laminate fascia frontage and solid surface tops.


    Now fully operational and with an enthusiastic hunger-busting team of kitchen staff behind the wheel, this classic collection of tough, efficient CED counters are set again to give many years of trouble free motoring….

  • National Breakfast Week

    See how PFR’s Portfolio can make adding breakfast to the menu easy.

    It is National breakfast week, a week to celebrate what is believed to be the most important meal of the day. Figures from NPD Group show it is the fastest growing mealtime in the foodservice industry, with the grab and go concept being favourable along with quick service restaurants. One in ten people eat out for breakfast which may not seem a lot but this generates £2 billion!

    However with breakfast on the increase, it is a great opportunity for operators to expand their menu to cater for all, this is why it is essential that equipment is capable for all day usage and all menu service as well as able to meet the demands for the changing food trends.

    PFR are partnered with innovative manufacturers who have equipment that is flexible with changing trends to remain competitive.

    Ovention Matchbox Oven, this oven uses precision impingement technology, no microwaves so the quality of the food is far greater, hot air blown onto the foods allows moisture to remain rather than being cooked out, reducing shrinkage. All of this increases profit, quality and customer satisfaction.

    Sounds great, but you’re thinking adding breakfast means further training to staff members and service? Not with the Ovention, the oven is pre-programmed, so if you are wanting a full English or fresh pastries, simply a touch of a button it is cooked. This is a speed oven too, so within five minutes of placing the order your customer shall be tucking into a hearty cooked breakfast ready for the day ahead.

    We know pizza is many peoples guilty pleasure so why not added it to the menu for breakfast too. Whether it’s sweet or savory, it’s bound to create you profit, pennies to make and sold for pounds, plus ideal for those always on the go. The energy efficient Cuppone Pizza Oven only takes 30 minutes to reach temperature, just the right amount of time to prepare for the day ahead. Plus the Cuppone pizza oven can cook so much more than just pizza, its stone base creates the tastiest breads, perfect for bacon sandwiches!

    Prepare breakfast before the rush and hold with the Swiss manufactured Hold-o-mat. By cooking in bulk and using the Hold-o-mat foods will stay still fresh until served. Quick and easy for the kitchen and efficient service for customers too.  The simple dehumidifying system and accurate 1C temperature control will mean even eggs will stay fresher for longer.

    Eggs, are a perfect protein filled food to start your day, but poached eggs can be hard to perfect consistently, with sous vide cooking eggs is made easy. The precise temperature control means you can get the exact consistency you want to achieve, because as little as 1 C can make the difference between soft boiled and poached. For the perfect poached egg with the same luscious consistency for the yolk and whites the eggs needs to be cooked for 60 minutes at 64C. Check out the link if hard boiled is your preferred eggs choice. Sous   vide cooking is a great solution for a stress free service.

    With the popularity of breakfast growing by a third in the last five years there is no sign this is set to steady so ensure you are a head of the game.


    Breakfast Pizza

  • Precision at Franco Manca

    The Thetford based company, Precision Refrigeration, take pride in meeting the requirements of their customers, customizing units so they perform at their best all year round. Take a look and hear all for yourself.