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Tecto Compact – Viessmann quality right from the start
Comprehensive, standardised range for storage in 300 mm grid Fixed standard sizes for straightforward ordering Door position is flexible, can be modified on site Cell elements in sandwich pattern with no thermal bridging – stable, self-supporting and true to size Hygienic Viessmann stainless steel floor, pressed with non-slip pattern, no joint gaps, smooth underlapping Quick assembly system with cam locks For newcomers and start-ups who care about quality Tecto Compact coldrooms and freezer rooms allow a wide target group to access proven Viessmann quality. The Tecto Standard version efficiently meets every requirement for hygienic and germ-free storage of refrigerated products.…
NEW BAR WARE COLLECTION from Mercer – read more and download catalogue
Barfly Mixology Gear by Mercer is for the professional with an unwavering commitment to the art of the cocktail. These bar ware essentials and accessories are designed to deliver optimal appearance, temperature, consistency and proportion in every glass--with masterful results. Tools make the taste. We invite you to browse Mercer's full line of mixology gear to see how Mercer raises the bar. Download brochure>>>
Easily manage allergen procedures with Allergen safety products from Mercer
Food allergies are a growing issue for foodservice operations.  Mercer’s Allergen Safe product line offers an easy to identify and implement system to safely prep, cook, and serve foods with a greater degree of safety. The number of people looking to reduce or eliminate gluten from their diet is increasing rapidly. This trend is in response to dealing with Celiac Disease along with the perception of gluten-free diet leading to a healthier lifestyle. When addressing these dietary issues, it is essential that customers feel foods are being handled safely and with a process that minimises risk. Mercer Culinary™ has seen…
Everyday essentials for the professional baker from Tournus Equipment
Traditional, specialist or organic breads, pastries, tarts, cakes, chocolates and macaroons, sandwiches, quiches, pizzas, sweet and savoury: for every gourmet moment, bakers combine skill and invention in order to remain creative and bring dreams to life. Tournus supplies all the stainless steel equipment bakers and pasty chefs need for their preparations: Euronorm trolleys, storage trolleys, loaf trolleys, platform trolleys and many more Stainless steel furniture: tables, sinks, units Shelving for proving chambers and cold rooms Washbasins, insect killers, waste bins, floor drains. Download the Tournus pricelist
If you can’t stand the heat, get Hell’s Handle utensils and tools from Mercer!
Mercer Hell's Handles Heat Resistant Handles These specially formulated heat resistant handles safely withstand temperatures up to 450°F and absorbs 50% less heat than standard polypropylene handles. Mercer Hell's Tools These utensils are constructed from a specially formulated glass-reinforced nylon to be used in high temperature applications (heat resistant to 430°F/220°C). The tools have incredible durability, and are stain & odour resistant. One-piece construction makes them the most sanitary utensils available. Many styles, sizes, and colors are available to meet all your culinary needs and comply with HACCP or designated use programs. Download brochure >>>
Chef Douglas McMaster of Brighton’s zero waste restaurant, SILO, uses Unox green energy ovens.
SILO - a pre-industrial food system - is a restaurant, bakery, brewery and cafe in Brighton. Head Chef Douglas McMaster aims to provide quality foods through the purity of ingredients and a primitive diet-centred approach using both modern and ancient techniques. The idea for SILO came from the desire to innovate the food industry by showing respect for the environment, the way foods are produced and the nourishment given to the human body. Chef Douglas describes the concept: "At SILO we believe in the purity of the ingredients and trusting in natural cultivation systems to determine what and how to cook. We have a large network of…
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